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ARXX is the leading supplier of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) for green, energy-efficient residential and commercial construction.

ARXX products have been used in over 100,000 projects. ARXX ICFs are the starting point for energy-efficient homes, hotels, schools, offices, superstores, warehouses and more. Our products have been used in numerous LEED projects and regularly receive major awards.

Our products enable significant energy savings, greater comfort, security and quiet, and a faster build than conventional construction. An ARXX home or building feels better and costs less to heat and cool.

Only ARXX offers three award-winning product lines, to provide the best match for any project: ARXX Prime (formerly ARXX Forms); ARXX Edge (formerly ECO-Blocks); and ARXX Steel (formerly PolySteel).

ARXX provides the best technical support in the industry, featuring architectural design experts and engineers, building science professionals, extensive documentation and design consultations.

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